Computer Upgrades & Repair

Computer Running Slow? Tired of Having to Reboot?

Priority Service

PC Tune up, virus cleanup and hard drive data recovery are just some of the ways The-Computer-Guy can help. Busy Schedule? Not a problem, 24/7 drop off available as well as scheduled hardware pickup and drop off without you having to lift a finger.

Professional Diagnosis to Give Peace of Mind

Your PC will be diagnosed fast, effectively and affordably. All diagnostic time will be included and applied to the cost of the total repair.

Computer Repair

The-Computer-Guy has over 20 years experience in computer repair giving you peace of mind, knowing any computer issue you have can be diagnosed and resolved often within 24 hours. 24/7 drop off is also available, as well as scheduled pick up and drop off if needed by The-Computer-Guy. Bad hard drives, blue screens of death, sluggish boot times and frequent crashes don’t have to be dealt with by you anymore. Have your computer running like new in no time! Primarily serving Eastern New England, there is no reason to hesitate, call now.

Data Transfer & Recovery

Everyone knows someone who has suffered from a corrupt drive or crashed PC only to lose hundreds if not thousands of files. The-Computer-Guy is a specialist in data recovery and transfer whether it be retrieving old files from a previous drive, or transferring and configuring a new PC with your old computer. Don’t play catch up trying to get your PC back to normal, recover from a disaster by letting The-Computer-Guy take care of everything.

Upgrade Your PC

Computer running slow? Is your computer having trouble running multiple programs at once? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Something as simple as replacing your hard drive, adding memory your computer or upgrading your video card will make it perform exponentially better. Less downtime, faster processing, better application handling and more will allow you to focus on what you love while The-Computer-Guy gives your PC some extra horsepower.

Optimize Your Workflow

Whether you want to boost your current PC, Need help deciding on a new computer, or want to outfit your equipment with top of the line accessories, The-Computer-Guy has got your back!




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