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Full Service Managed IT

The-Computer-Guy and his team provides technical support services to businesses that are not large enough to have internal Information Technology (IT) or Web Design departments, but savvy enough to realize that these are critical services for their success.

Technology plays into every aspect of a business from accounting to customer communications to product design and development. The-Computer-Guy aims to help your business grow and become as sophisticated as possible while becoming more efficient and appealing to customers. Working together will guarantee you stay informed and will stay ahead in a competitive marketplace.


Whether it’s a new computer or an old one we can set up new or existing users as well as manage and back them up on and offsite. We will also handle reoccurring software updates at overnight to not halt productivity. As well we will include easy to follow procedure manual fully explained with a guide for reference.

SMB (Small to Medium Business)

Its one thing to have a new computer, but if it isnt ready to go you could spend hours trying to get it configured to the network. We make sure everything is installed, updated, network ready without you having to worry about a thing. Each company is different and we are able to customize and adapt to your unique needs.

Everything In Between

Never be scared of an office upgrade again. The-Computer-Guy makes the switch to new technology quick, easy and hassle-free. Whether it is acquiring new desktops, installing printers and setting it up on a network drive, moving files from one PC to another, configuring invoicing software; simply doing it all, so you don’t have to. Contact us for a free consultation today to assess your needs.

Monitoring and Remote Access

Ease of Access and Aid Within a Moments Notice

We offer 24/7 remote monitoring of your systems and network. This gives us the ability to keep an eye on your computers by constantly checking for updates, security flaws or even malware infection. If anything shows up, we can then remote in, isolate and fix any issues or problems with or without your assistance.

Information Technology



  • Network Installation
  • Windows Domains
  • Office Infrastructure
  • Business Continuity
  • Ticket System


  • Disaster Prevention
  • Implementation
  • Anti-Virus/Malware
  • Authorized Access Monitoring
  • Data Integrity

Cloud Services

  • Data Backup & Restoration
  • Email Security & Archiving
  • Anti-Virus
  • Remote Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Help Desk

Keep Business Moving

Business Continuity


1. Identify Needs

Learn about Company Needs & Requirements

2. Procure Equipment

Obtain Necessary Equipment

3. Install & Configure

Set up, wire, configure & test environment

4. Training & Operations

Teach employees how to use the system

5. Protect & Preserve

Data Backups / Disaster Recovery / Malware Protection

6. Monitoring & Maintenance

Ensure the system is 100% operational

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